What’s in a Name?

Little Debbie Cakes

Based on my name alone, I often wonder if my parents thought they were having kittens rather than twins. I desperately want to believe my name selection resulted from last-minute spontaneity. Like, ... [ Read More ]

Family Traditions


Here in the United States, we set aside one Sunday in June to honor fatherhood and celebrate paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. (HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, POPS!) But in our family, the ... [ Read More ]

Camshafted in Texas

Don't Mess With Texas

  “This is Texas.  Change your plates or move back,” read the Post-It© note that someone stuck on my side-mirror a few months ago.  “To hell with California,” it continued. “WAIT, WHAT?  Why ... [ Read More ]

Male Order Bride

male order bride

He walks into the bar most nights with his shoulders slouched down as his heavy feet scuff loudly against the cement floor - but not tonight. With dark eyes that match the hair dye he uses to color ... [ Read More ]

Male Polish


I've purchased several bottles of nail polish simply because I'm inexplicably drawn to the name. I tend to gravitate toward varying shades of Red. I am even the proud owner of one bottle of "Friar, ... [ Read More ]