In the Waiting


We all have something for which we remain postured in hopeful expectation. Waiting is often that anguished “pause” between absence and abundance that causes us to drop to our knees and cry out to the ... [ Read More ]

Bachelor Recap: Double Your Pleasure


Tonight on The Bachelor, the twins have a two-on-one date. And let me start by saying that the only thing twins should ever share is a womb!!! Speaking of sharing, and two-on-one’s, why don’t I put ... [ Read More ]

Bachelor Recap: BEN-d it Like Beckham


This week's recap is brought to you by my great friend, Natalie Morris, who hails from Northern California by way of Arizona. Her husband Matt provides background commentary as well -- which means ... [ Read More ]

Happy New Day!


There are so many things in this world that are out of our control -- floods, terrorism, the Kardashians. Which is why it’s important we remember the things we can control -- like forgiveness, second ... [ Read More ]

Fear is easy. Faith is hard.

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They say that insomniacs don’t have a problem with sleeping, they have a problem living. And as I lie awake again at three o’clock in the morning, pondering my life that recently increased in ... [ Read More ]

Lead the Cheers!


During the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I worked at a Hot Dog on a Stick type of establishment in the mall. I had only been working there a few weeks when, on this ... [ Read More ]

Heartbreak is indeed heartbreaking


In my darkest hours, I often retreat to the safety of my hall closet.  I suppose the tight walls in that pitch black space cradle me like my mother’s womb and I feel held again. Or maybe it’s because ... [ Read More ]